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August 13th
6:39 PM
"A lot of times when men see women cry, they think they should touch or hug them and “rescue them.” I hate that. Sometimes when you’re sad or angry, you just want someone to be there to hear you, give you space and respect that the last thing you want is for someone to placate you."

HBO: The Newsroom: Interview with Olivia Munn

First: Fuck yes. While I can appreciate that some women like to be hugged when they cry, and that men often feel like they need to do something to help, sometimes you just want to have your rage or pain and work through it yourself. 

Second: Before the show actually aired and I heard Olivia Munn had been cast, I was not happy with the choice. I only really knew her from AOTS, and thought it was a poor casting decision. 

That said, for me, Sloan has been one of the most consistent and relatable characters in the series. She’s intelligent and has strength in her convictions, but sometimes also insecure and critical of herself - I think she might be the most well balanced of all the characters, and I think a lot of that comes from Munn’s portrayal. 

TL;DR: If I’m crying and want a hug, I’ll hug you/Olivia Munn is awesome and nobody should be judged on future performance by a job on G4. 

August 2nd
10:20 PM





July 24th
11:33 AM
Found a clock for Will Graham.

Found a clock for Will Graham.

July 22nd
10:02 PM

I don’t even know what to do with this.

July 20th
2:31 PM

More excited for the kids of HIMYM chewing out Ted for taking 8 years to tell a story than I am for the Catching Fire trailer.

(Though, that was a damn good trailer)

July 19th
11:51 PM
July 16th
12:51 PM

So I’m sitting in class and we’re watching the Graduate (which is a great film and I’ve seen it before but it’s been a few years) when this happens

And I swear to god, I am sitting in the back of the classroom and I just start crying because I am trying so hard not to burst out laughing. Like, I should’ve left the room, it was that bad. 

Oh GOB. You ruin everything.

July 14th
10:26 PM

How someone convinced not only Aaron Sorkin but Jeff Daniels to do this is beyond me.

July 4th
3:24 PM

Two Cathedrals, guys.


3:13 PM

Rewatching Two Cathedrals and I can’t help but think: Can you IMAGINE what it would be like to have been the drunk driver that hit Mrs. Landingham? Like, you were driving drunk and you killed the President’s secretary? 

July 1st
10:50 PM

Heat dream: One room I’m being taken by BBC Sherlock Moriarty from Elementary Holmes, next scene they’re two dudes fighting from Kung Fu: The Legend Continues.

June 19th
3:00 PM
"Fox News already has jumped on the season-two trailer, with an anchor claiming June 14 that the show is a “liberal fantasy.” Asked about the statement hours later, Sorkin says: “I didn’t see it and I get that they probably didn’t mean it as a compliment, but the show is a liberal fantasy.”"
June 15th
11:08 PM
Guys, I started the thing.

Guys, I started the thing.